People often wonder why we put on weight even though it may seem we are doing all the right things. Your body gets its energy from food. If you don’t eat food, you have no energy. With no energy source, your tissues break down quickly and eventually all of your organs and systems will shut down.

Food provides energy in the form of a calorie and every calorie provides nutrients that your body uses to help its systems and organs work. All of this energy is moved throughout your body via the blood.

Your body burns energy through processes such as movement and also through internal and invisible processes such as digestions, thinking and other organ functions.

Ideally, your body would burn the exact amount of calories that it needs to create some sort of equilibrium – use what you need every day, burn what you use, and then repeat for your entire life.

Belly fat is toxic to our adjacent organs, but also because fat triggers so many of the unhealthy processes previously discussed; damages arteries, causing high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, harmful inflammation, and promotes type 2 diabetes as well as many forms of cancer.

In summary;

  • When you eat, your body takes in calories in the form of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.
  • Your body takes those nutrients, converts all excess into glucose, and uses it to energise all of your body’s functions.
  • When you take in nutrients that aren’t used for fuel or for building tissue right now, your body stores them as fat.
  • Very rarely do you increase the number of fat cells you have, you tend to increase or decrease the size of your current fat cells.
  • Belly fat is the worst; fat in your belly pumps compounds that cause inflammation in the rest of your body.
  • Extra fat messes up hormonal processes, increases resistance to insulin that contributes to diabetes, and promotes inflammation leading to blood flow issues, arterial aging, arthritis, and cancer.

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