About Us

Why YogaDetox?
YogaDetox provides a holistic approach to health and wellness. We have the tools that help to support members struggling to lose weight and lack energy on a daily basis due to unhealthy lifestyles and poor food choices.

We have nutritional supplement support that works holistically and synergistically to increase weight loss more efficiently.

YogaDetox provides support tools that members can access within our exclusive membership site to help you better understand the main contributing factors to weight loss and improve energy and vitality.

YogaDetox provides workshops to help you apply the tools to every day living that include raw food preparation classes, yoga and mindfulness practice to help you alleviate day to day stresses.


Our fully qualified professionals have over 15 years experience to share with our members. All members gain 24/7 access to our closed Facebook group to get the support needed for a successful outcome.

Access the entire program instantly and lock in your lifetime price of just


AUD$9.99 per month

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Who is Amanda Weir?

Amanda has over 15 years experience in various aspects of health and wellness, ranging from personal training and nutrition to life coaching.

Amanda’s experience allows her to help those wanting to make significant change in their life whether it be losing weight to reducing stress and making progress in your personal health and wellness journey due to her extensive skills and knowledge on addressing health and wellness holistically at an affordable price.

Amanda also believes that through education alone, change can be made which is why her programs aim to give people an understanding of why their body maybe holding onto those extra kg’s.