Everyone of your body’s organs, tissues, and systems needs blood delivered to it to enable them to function. As blood carried oxygen as well as the body’s primary energy source: sugar. Many things need to be working in order for the blood to be delivered to your body’s organs and tissues. This includes your heart, as it pumps blood through your entire body.

We will now focus more on the blood vessels that transport the blood and where the danger can lie if you cause damage to these. First of all, when something damages the inner lining of your arterial walls, it creates a nicks in the blood vessels. This damage compromises the integrity of the blood vessel. What happens, is that your body produces low-density-lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol to patch up the nick as if it were plaster patching up a hole in your wall of a house. As the plaster builds up and the area becomes inflamed, it turns into plaque and clogs up the blood vessels to the point where either blood slows or can’t get through. This contributes to high blood pressure as your body tries to force blood past blockages.

We need to make sure that blood moves freely throughout the body, not just to get your blood pressure down but to ensure that your body’s organs, tissues, and systems are receiving the required nutrients which is promoted by blood flow.

Healthy choices prevent or even reverse vessel damage and blockages.

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